Iceland’s favourite squawking puffin is back with her first proper single since the release of her last album Volta, four years ago. ‘Crystalline’ is a taster from her forthcoming album Biophilia, which is a collaboration with Apple and is being billed as the world’s first ‘App Album’. Directed by French film maker Michel Gondry, the multimedia project will contains music videos and ‘micro apps’ contained within one ‘macro app’.

Björk – Crystalline by Alcibiades Aguilar

In ‘Crystalline’ we hear everything from xylophone and glockenspiel before it reels in an undercurrent of glitchy drum machines and percussion, schizophrenic electronica and of course Bjork’s strangled cat yelp. In short, pretty much vintage experimental Bjork but no hits here. One for the real fans, as they say in the classics.