Cansei de Ser Sexy, everyone’s favourite Brazilian party band are set to release a new album next week, entitled La Liberacion.

Currently streaming the album, the band haven’t lost their attitude in the five years since their debt, while they also are still adept in dragging in their celebrity admirers to collaborate, with album track “Hits Me Like a Rock,” featuring guest vocals from none other than Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie.

Singer Lovefoxxx told Spin, “We just wanted to be over the top. We would be very exuberant [in the studio] and not think of how to do it live. This was the only rule that we had.”

Of ‘Hits Me Like a Rock,Lovefoxxx says “The song lyrics are about when you get so hooked on a song for a long time, and then when you listen to it again, years later, it really hits you and you feel everything again, like it just happened yesterday.

Explaining the genesis of the album title track, Lovefoxxx says [Multi-instrumentalist] Adriano [Cintra] really likes punk rock bands from Argentina, and I think that he was really excited about having a punk rock song in Spanish. And then he sent it to us, because he was playing around in the studio by himself, we all really liked it. I love singing that song live.”

You can stream the album below: