As Tone Deaf reported earlier this week, there was a thorough police presence at the recent Rainbow Serpent dance festival, which took place at Lexton in western Victoria, north-west of Ballarat, over the weekend, and saw an attendance of more than 10,000 people.

But what you may not be as aware of is that while the cops were there patrolling the site and keeping an eye on the thousands of revellers, some of them took a little time out to cut sick in the dance circles that inevitably formed near the stages.

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As readers can see in the footage below, a policeman was spotted having a dance with festivalgoers during a particularly bouncy bass drop at the popular bush doof, much to the delight of the punters in attendance, who quickly started cheering on the copper and scrambling for their phones.

“He was a dead set legend and he was happy to be working at the festival… I talked to him by coincidence hours before just whilst he was on duty and he was having a great day,” festival goer Monty McGaw told ninemsn. But the question now remains: are his skills as hot as the famous Big Day Out policewoman? Compare below.