Nirvana fans, and Foo Fighters fans alike, get set for an amazing RSD2017.

Dave Grohl announced today he will be re-recording the entirety of Nirvana’s 1991 breakthrough Nevermind, handling all the guitars, drums, bass and vocals himself.

He won’t be alone in this venture, as original producer Butch Vig will again be manning the desks.

Grohl said in a statement that while he understands some fans of the original won’t be pleased by this new project, he feels he owes it to Kurt to do this.

“17 years ago, Kurt, Kris and I entered a studio with our songs, our shitty instruments, and a burning desire to make a great-sounding album. We couldn’t have dreamed it would have the impact it did, but now as Foo Fighters continue to travel the planet rocking for people, some of the younger fans aren’t aware of the band I used to be in. Hopefully recording Nevermind again will help to introduce Kurt’s great songwriting and immense talent to some of the Foo Fighters fans who weren’t born.”

“It was an interesting task to go back and revisit these songs”, Butch Vig adds. “We were a lot younger then, and made mistakes in the studio that still haunt me whenever I listen to the Nirvana version of the album. It feels good to finally go back and fix those things, and make what I believe is a stronger recording from start to finish. And Dave’s voice has never sounded better.”