Dave Grohl might be one of the best rock drummers in modern history, as well as fronting one of the most successful bands of the past two decades, but his real undeniable skill is in comedy, either impromptu nonsense with Nirvana, onstage banter with the Fooeys, or scripted clips like Everlong, Learn To Fly’ and ‘Long Road To Ruin’ (his best video performance and pre-chorus for years).

His mother is currently shilling the book From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars, which is exactly what the title suggests it is, and in a funny sketch to promote the book, Dave thumbs through a copy only to be confronted by a number of unflattering photos from his youth, including a Scott Baio haircut. He calls his mum (Virginia Grohl, by the way) to sort it out.

Check it out, below.