What’s your name and what team do you play for?
David R. Larkin – Rockdogs. But who else?

How Many Community Cups Have You Played?

What Band Do You Play In or Radio Station Do You Disc Jockey For?
Dave Larkin Band, Gun Street Girls and once upon a time Dallas Crane.

What position Are We Likely To See You In? (On The Ground That Is…)
Somewhere on the forward line I’d say pulling huge marks out of the sky, that is if the umpires don’t decide to “even up the scores” this year!

What’s Been The Key To Your Training Regime In The Build Up To The Match?
Bean bag sit ups (to reach for the remote or popcorn bowl), running (to the phone) and a ‘see-food’ diet. (see food and eat it)

Who’s Your Rock n’ Roll Footy Hero and why?
Paul Van Der Haar – Essendon champ from the 80s. Tinny in one hand, dart in the other wrapped in a blanket at half time. The kind of stuff rock’n roll dreams are made of!

What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Done To Anyone Behind Play?
I gave a bloke a wedgie once. That was pretty stupid. We were 10 goals down and ‘doing it for the jumper’ by that stage, and this guy was about 2 feet taller than me and not afraid to use his fist on my smarty pants face. It’s a lesson I’ve taken through life. Leave other men’s underpants alone.