Reports that Deadmau5 had died earlier this week may have been a bit premature, but that doesn’t mean that the Grammy-nominate Canadian DJ isn’t very much disappointed. Turns out he isn’t bothered becoming the latest victim of an internet death hoax, instead he’s annoyed that the explained cause of his death was ‘insanely uncreative’.

Earlier in the week some pranksters caused a frenzy in the blogosphere after they took to the Deadmau5 Wikipedia page and added the following statement:

“collapsed in his hotel room in Los Angeles due to exhaustion and apparent alcohol intoxication. After friends attempted to enter his room but were unable to get a response, they reportedly called his phone, then asked management to open the door after he didn’t answer. They found him on the floor, not breathing. He was subsequently rushed to the emergency room and pronounced dead on arrival.”

Responding to the rumour, Deadmau5 took to his official Facebook page to dispel the rumours and express his thoughts on the blandness of his fictional demise.

“Once again, extremely disappointed by the insanely uncreative death rumor,” he wrote. “I thought we had all agreed on acid spitting koala’s skydiving and volcano? Oh well… still glad to see some ‘press’ taking this s— seriously.”

Deadmau5 is well known for performing while wearing a large mouse head and was recently nominated for three Grammmy awards. The awards are handed out in Los Angeles on 12th February next year and Deadmau5 appears to be a favourite to win, assuming he doesn’t go skydiving over any Australian volcanoes between now and then.

Not that he probably plans on coming back to Australia anytime soon. Last time he was here he was punched in the back of the head by a disgruntled DJ at the Creamfields Official Afterparty.