Recently accredited by the Tinnitus Association of Australia, Deaf Sessions at Cherry Bar on Friday nights are continuing to blow eardrums with live recordings of Australia’s loudest, dirtiest, sleaziest bands serving up a rock n’ roll soup kitchen for your ears.

On Friday 9th April Shaman Son are back in town and ready to twist your scrotum that little bit tighter than your girlfriend does with the pounding sludge rock Mudhoney and Kyuss bequeathed to the world.

Supporting will be Sydney freak kids Zeahorse who have finished their rock n’ roll apprenticeship playing with Them Crooked Vultures and swoop down to Melbourne to launch their Rattus Rattus EP, spewing forth chunks of primordial Gun Club meets Fugazi ooze.
Opening things up like a soothing application of skin cream on a bad dose of the clap is the dream syndication of The Ovals with their Tangerine Dream dry humps Can blissadelic space scapes.

Recorded live and available the following week on, don’t miss out on your can of rock n’ roll Campbells soup. Doors open at 8pm, first band on at 9pm – don’t turn up at 11pm and whinge to us that you can’t get in because we don’t like to make people queue.