Like Alexander Shulgin concocting psychoactive compounds in a clandestine laboratory, The Demon Parade began life with six months of psychedelic musical alchemy in Michael Badger’s home studio, coalescing around a suite of narco-rock drone anthems laced with shimmering guitar melodies. Kickstarting what’s already been an extraordinarily fast ascent with a few low key gigs at the end of 2008 as a four piece, they finalised the line-up when Whill (Organ & drones) who had been in the audience at their first gig turned up at their third gig and joined the band on stage.

Before too long the band were selling out clubs like Ding Dong and Cherry with their incendiary space rock Sturm und Drang, and seeing live recordings get hammered with plays on Myspaz. Releasing a limited edition 7” at the end of 2009 on the band’s own Jaya Jaya label with a sold out launch, they were about to begin recording an EP and contemplating some interstate gigs when they got a call asking them to join the Brian Jonestown Massacre on their Australian tour in February/March 2010.

Cue some long pre-tour recording sessions and a crazy sleep deprived run around Oz where Anton Newcombe himself told the band to play as long as they wanted in their support slots. Back in Melbourne the band’s debut EP is having the finishing touches put to it before a release this autumn, and will be preceded by the release of their next single, Do You Believe In Hell? Available as a free download from the 8th of March at, the single will be launched at their second home, Cherry Bar, on Saturday March 20th with support from Tehachapi, We Will Adapt and Morning After Girls DJs. Recorded live for Tone Deaf’s Deaf Sessions night, this will no doubt sell out like previous gigs – get there early.