Close your eyes. Imagine if Nick Cave and Pete Doherty had an illegitimate love child. Wouldn’t that be a thing of pure and absolute beauty? The resulting spawn could be mistaken for the Priory Dolls. With praise from just about everyone who witnesses their performances or listens to their music, including Ricky Maymi from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, they are a very promising band with a hell of a sound. Beginning the recording of their debut album in June, this will be one of the few chances to see them live before they hibernate for winter music making.

Fresh off the boat (for the second time), Carnation are sure to delight your senses with not only their psychedelic resonance, but also their amazing light show and stage presence. A band that loves their live shows, they are sure to make your earbuds orgasm and blow your tiny little mind.

The entire gig will be recorded live, so don’t miss your chance to shout out your love for your mother between songs and then listen to it published on the Internet later.
Supported by newcomers Memory, this is a gig that should be a cultural crime to miss. Come down to Cherry Bar on Friday March the 26th for Deaf Sessions presented by Tone Deaf. The only regret you will have is if you have to wait in line, so get there when the doors open at 830pm.