Art, it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it? Something that is utterly disgusting to some people can be totally inspiring to another. But you never can tell how the crowd will react to you so-called art, something that Blondie frontman Debbie Harry experienced recently in Los Angeles when she performed at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Gala.

Dressed a floor-length red dress and sporting her trademark white hair, Harry entered the stage along with two life-size nude statues of herself and co-curator Marina Abramovic. The audience was shocked when Harry pulled out a large knife and plunged it into the chest of her double, carving out the heart which she held up above her head.

No blood or guts spewed out, thanks goodness, but it was revealed that the doubles were two huge red velvet cakes which proceeded to be cut cup by an army of shirtless men with meat cleavers. The dismembered doubles were then served as dessert to the guests with Harry exclaiming in delight to the audience, “I haven’t eaten a piece of myself… yet.”

But not all the guests, which included a number of celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, and Dita Von Teese, were impressed with the performance with shouts of “Violence Against Women!” ringing out from the dismayed crowd. Von Teese later tweeted about the incident:

Harry’s performance drew comparison to pop shocklet Lady Gaga who has struggled to remain in the headlines with cheap publicity stunts such as wearing a dress made of real meat to the MTV Video Music Awards, and claiming to be a hermaphrodite and wearing a prosthetic penis at her gigs.

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