The Decemberists have denied that they’re splitting up. Front man Colin Meloy had previously said the band was going on hiatus following wrapping up touring duties on the back of their The King Is Dead album, which was released in January. Then when keyboardist Jenny Conlee was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, rumours began to swirl suggesting that they might be going splitsville. However, Meloy has rubbished the suggestion, saying that the band would continue to make music, although he’d be taking time out to work on other projects, including an illustrated fantasy book entitled Wildwood, which is set to be published shortly.

Meloy says “Nothing could be farther from the truth. With this record I feel we have a whole world in front of us with plenty of options and I’m excited to continue writing music for the Decemberists and performing with the Decemberists.” He’s decided that he needs to devote his full attention to the ‘Wildwood’ project, rather than juggling his many commitments. He explains, “I’ve managed to pull it off over the last year and a half but it owes a lot to chance and luck and, thankfully, some creative epiphanies. I think it would water down both things if I tried to do them at the same time.”