Delta Goodrem has unleashed a stunning diatribe against the organisers of Splendour In The Grass after she claims they removed her from the bill for “no good reason” hours before the lineup was announced.

Speaking on KIIS this morning, Goodrem said her management was approached by organisers who offered her “one of the main headliner spots, a good evening spot” on the Splendour bill. Goodrem accepted, but was shocked when she was told Tuesday night she was no longer playing the festival, mere hours from the announcement.

“I understand scheduling something like this is hard”, Goodrem said. “You need a little bit of everything, there are international acts and locals, but that’s the same with every festival. But they didn’t give me a reason [for the cancellation], and still haven’t.

“The truth is — and nobody wanted to tell me the truth, but this is what it boils down to — the scared hipsters that book Splendour were worried I might make their festival a little less cool because I’m not a triple j artist or the latest fad DJ.

“I think they were hoping I would be ironic or something like when Shannon [Noll] played that other festival, and when that didn’t play out, they replaced me at the last minute.

When asked if she would play if offered an apology, she sounded hesitant.

“I mean, they would have to be more professional for me to consider an offer like that. Lisa Mitchell and Matt Corby have played it, and they were on Australian Idol. So I don’t know, they just seem very unfocused to me. But I’m not here to bad-mouth anyone. Anyone working in music has it hard, and should be commended.