2011 was the year the industry officially jumped the shark in musical collaborations with a number sonic abortions including Jack White’s track with the Insane Clown Posse and the infamous Metallica and Lou Reed massacre.

But now South African Zef group Die Antwoord want to take their turn to see if they can top the seemingly untoppable and have come up with a plan so evil it just might work. Speaking to Spin Magazine in the US the duo professed their love for the often-maligned Canadian singer saying she is their ultimate collaboration dream.

“I fucking love Celine Dion,” gushed Ninja during the interview. “Celine is the ultimate. We want to work with her more than anybody. I’m going to keep saying it interviews because I want it to happen so badly.”

“Think Twice is Ninja’s favorite Celine song,” revealed Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Die Antwoord’s other half.

“I drive around listening to that song stupid loud,” adds Ninja. “I nearly crash the car because I get emotional overload. It’s dangerous. I shouldn’t listen to it while driving anymore.”

When asked what they’d get the famous songbird to do on a collaboration track Yo-Landi explained “She’d sing the hook”. “She’d bust the most beautifullest hook in the whole word,” quickly pipped in Ninja.

The group plan to mention their dream in as many interviews as possible in an attempt to grab the attention of Dion. “We need this to happen,” pleads Yo-Landi. No word yet from Celine’s camp on whether she’d be up for the offer but we’re not holding our breath.

Die Antwoord will be in Australia later this year as part of the Future Music Festival tour. We’re sure this collaboration would be one of the most bizarre to happen in music, check out our slideshow of some weird collaborations that have already happened.