Is the most successful American metal band of the last decade set to break up? Front man Dave Draiman told a US radio station that the band are going on an indefinite hiatus and they don’t know what else is in store for their future.

He said “ “This is gonna be the last tour that the American people get to see us in for awhile, if not indefinitely. We have some things going on internally, we have some personal things going on. So I don’t know. It’s hard to tell . . . But you’re not gonna see a Disturbed tour for awhile.” The band have had four consecutive number one albums in the States but it appears that their current American tour may be their last – if not for a long time, perhaps forever.

Fans have rushed to contact Draiman on Twitter, where he has responded with a number of mysterious tweets. At first he said “you’re lucky you caught us this year. We won’t be touring next year, or the year after for that matter.”

When pushed by fans to reveal whether they had actually broken up, his reply was non-committal, saying “we just don’t know. All i can tell you us that you certainly won’t see us for quite a while.” Since forming in Chicago in 1996, the band have gone on to sell 13 million albums worldwide. Their 2000 debut, The Sickness, was a slow burner, going on to eventually sell four million copies to date.