This Mogwai-esque, smack in the mouth Sydney band, Reckless Vagina, have released their new single “Dollarhyde”. It reminds you of a rushed and excited pre-gig sound check as they pack the entire essence of their sound into a 1min and 27 second track.

To best describe this track is how it’s seen live: the lead, Daniel Corboy, is a wild, tall, moustache-rocking sack of bones, who, before the single launch in Sydney was covered in glitter and appeared as what one could imagine a Twilight vampire would look like if they were riddled with heroin and thrown head first into the sun with a microphone.

These 6 reckless vaginas have compressed the feeling of an entire live set into this EP, finishing off with the track “Hit & Miss” which sounds like the crowd have begged for them to preform an exhausted encore track. Its breathy, strong, and just a bit epic, and in my opinion the stronger track on this release.

This EP is tight and coming in at under 4mins in its entirety, it’s is still very much a hit. The boys will be trekking down to Melbourne over summer so don’t miss them.

– Tegan Ringin