Local singer/songwriter Oliver Tank was discovered by triple j Unearthed and has seemingly impressed many with his dense, multi-textural soundscapes and voice. Dreams is his six track debut EP.

While creating a not uninteresting sound and vision, the EP doesn’t really go anywhere over the course of its six tracks and tends to have a similar sound and feel to it over its running time. Quite frankly, it left this scribe a little bit cold.

“Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion” is probably the standout track on this release, featuring Tank’s delicate and haunting vocals over a dense and complex sound scape.

Unfortunately, all of the other tracks featured on Dreams tend to sonically mush in to one another, sounding very much like one big, long track.

Tank is not without talent. However, the music is yet to take shape and form. Dreams is a first step, but not an especially focused and strong one.

– Neil Evans