Ripping your dress, losing your mobile phone, chipping your tooth, setting your hotel room on fire. Sounds like a good night out doesn’t it? That’s exactly the situation British singer Florence Welch found herself in during a recent trip to New York.

The Florence and the Machine frontwoman was in the Big Apple to play an acoustic show for fans when rapper Kanye West and Swedish singer Lykke Li showed up in her dressing room looking for a party.

But we’re not sure Welch knew exactly what she was getting herself into with the events that transpired next sounding more like the script for The Hangover Part 3 than your average night out.

Confessing her sins to Britain’s Q magazine, Welch admitted “I think I must have had about 17 Dirty Martinis. I lost my phone and ripped my dress very badly. I accidentally set fire to The Bowery Hotel because I’d left a cinnamon tea light burning.”

“I came back to the hotel,” she continued. “Passed out in my ripped dress – no phone, chipped tooth – came round and there was black stuff all over the wall, my book had melted on the bedside table and there was a bucket of water on the floor. Actually the last scene you want to wake up to with a hangover. Half the room was singed.”

But her antics didn’t only burn up her hotel room, she also burnt a hole in her bank balance. “My American publicist was like, ‘Ah yes, there was a very big bill on my credit card.’ But the fire damage was only a couple of hundred.”

“The big bill was the bl**dy dressing room drinks bill. Kanye West, Lykke Li, me, the doormen, most of Lower Manhattan, whoever, drinking Dirty Martinis and what have you. (The amount is) undisclosed.”

Welch has fully recovered from her late night escapades, but not everyone is so lucky. Check out our slideshow of musicians who drank themselves to death.