When it comes to punk bands, things are looking pretty great in Australia right now, and Melbourne trio Dumb Punts are one that are grabbing a deserved chunk of attention. Having spent the year dropping a string of impressive new cuts, playing gigs with Skegss and Dune Rats, and earning a triple j Unearthed Feature Artist nod and a Falls Festival slot to match, they’re making a serious name for themselves in our verdant guitar band scene.

Now, they’re about to head to Sydney for a free night of punk mayhem at Brixton Broadcast at The Leadbelly, with some of the country’s best emerging punk bands in Byron trio WASH and locals Pist Idiots also delivering the noise for the night. It’s a stacked bill of killer talent, and all at the bargain price of absolutely nothing.

With the band rolling into town, we took the opportunity to chat with Dumb Punts drummer Seattle about their breakout year, what makes our local band scene so good, and what we can expect from this monster Friday night.

Chatting with Dumb Punts

You all grew up in a pretty small town before moving to Melbourne a few years back – how do you think that’s impacted your music, or your attitudes towards the wider music scene?

We have a greater appreciation for it I think, ’cause you live in this small town for so long and there’s such limited resources and access to live music and art. Then you go to Melbourne and there’s creativity and art everywhere – it’s the best possible slap in the face you can get.

Where did your nickname come from? And also, where the hell did your ability to drum come from? Seems like you just picked up the sticks when you came to Melbourne and realised you could play.

Jimmy’s mate Davo couldn’t say my name when he first met me, and then I think he just gave up on trying, so he’d just call me something different every time. He called me Seattle once and it stuck.

Not sure about the drumming, I guess I just like hitting stuff.

there’s probably not a punk or rock band in Melbourne who doesn’t get the impact the Eddy Current guys have had on the scene there – it’s crazy

A song like ‘Chiller’ seems to have pretty clear through-lines to classic Aussie rock, especially in that chorus. Who have been some of the local bands you’ve looked to over the years, and more recently?

There’s a whole bunch, but The Saints were huge for us and still are. The Angels, Australian Crawl, X, Radio Birdman… anything Lobby Loyde had a hand in. And there’s probably not a punk or rock band in Melbourne who doesn’t get the impact the Eddy Current guys have had on the scene there – it’s crazy.

Richard Kingsmill gave you a pretty glowing review on triple j Unearthed late last year: “I’ve listened to this four times in a row now. It’s not often a song makes me do that.” How do you react to getting a plug like that, and support like the triple j Feature Artist nod?

It’s pretty cool that they just found us and liked it – Unearthed is pretty sick for that. We’re super grateful for the love, but we don’t really play music for that purpose. We just love doing it and want to keep traveling around meeting legends.

What have been some of the other nicest compliments (and maybe the opposite) that you’ve received as a band so far?

Some gals once told me that they’re starting bands cause of us, which was pretty sick. And then some arsehole in Sydney telling us that our instruments are rubbish – that was pretty average.

What is it about your music that’s grabbing people right now?

I’d like to think people like our attitude, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re all about the party and good times. We’re getting better and playing more so I guess people are enjoying the tunes more.

You’ve had some pretty great live shows so far, including a slot at Falls and supports with Skegss and Dunies. Any particularly memorable nights?

It’s all been sick. Those guys are our best mates too, and so any time we’re all hanging out it gets pretty wild. Doing the Skegss shows in Perth and Adelaide were sick. Traveling with mates is sick.

Tobes (of Skegss) once claimed he was gonna fight everyone in the hotel from the inside of our hotel room. Everyone just went one on one with him in some intense pillow fights. Then he broke my laptop and spat all over the walls. He’s a great guy, we love Tobes.

They’re free surfers, so they don’t do comps – they just travel the world and surf. They don’t give a fuck.

How did you first meet up with WASH, and what was it about them that made you want to work with them?

They came to Melbourne with the Skegss guys a few years back and stayed with us. We partied and became best mates. They’re free surfers, so they don’t do comps – they just travel the world and surf. They don’t give a fuck. Now, they’re in a sick band and they’re our best mates.

What can we expect to see from the free gig with Brixton Broadcast?

WASH will definitely blow your mind. Pist Idiots are playing too, they’ll blow your mind as well. And us Punts, well… we could be good.

Brixton Broadcast

Dumb Punts, WASH & Pist Idiots

Friday March 17 – The Leadbelly, Newtown NSW

6:00pm – Doors open
7:25pm – Pist Idiots
9:00pm – WASH
10:45 – Dumb Punts
1:00am – Doors close

Free entry and vinyl DJs all night, more info here