Last year we broke the sad news that the new owners of the East Brunswick Club would be demolishing the bandroom to make way for an apartment complex. The news came during a tumultuous time in the local Melbourne industry with The Prince Bandroom also being sold and a number of other venues closing down.

At first even the bookers seemed unaware of the fate of the venue but a week later they issued a statement saying “Sadly, all good things must come to an end. The East Brunswick Club will officially close it’s doors at the end of this summer.” Time flies and the end of Summer is on the distant but rapidly approaching horizon.

According to a statement just issued by the venue the last drinks will take place at a no doubt packed out event on Wednesday 29th February with performances by Oscar + Martin, Parking Lot Experiments, and Milk Teddy. You can read the statement below for all the details:

It’s official! Oscar + Martin’s show with Parking Lot Experiments and Milk Teddy at The East on Wednesday 29th February will be the last EVER show at The East Brunswick Club.

Pete and Pam, the venues owners, have thoroughly enjoyed their time with The East, but after many years in the industry, have decided it’s time to kick up their heels and retire. Unfortunately, the new owners will not be continuing the band room.

Reflecting the history of the venue, we will be celebrating its last month with shows ranging from indie (Northeast Party House, San Cisco, The Paper Kites) to country (Jordie Lane, Davidson Brothers); from punk and metal (La Dispute [USA], I Exist, Whitehorse) to jazz and blues (Pugsley Buzzard, Geoff Achison and Jimi Hocking); and from local beauties (Dick Diver, Geoffrey O’Connor, Puta Madre Brothers, Oscar + Martin) to international gems (Yuck [UK], Chairlift [USA] and Active Child [USA]).

We would like to send out a massive thank you to all of you who have given The East such a great wrap in your respective medium in the past, and can’t wait to work with you in another capacity in the future.

Tickets for the final shows are available from the venues website.