Just in case you didn’t get your fill of Ed Sheeran guest-starring in your favourite TV shows with last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones, old mate Ed is set to star in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, as Lisa Simpsons’ love interest.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Sheeran is set to play Brendan, a musically inclined lad who serves as a love interest of Lisa Simpson, in what is said to be a parody of the film La La Land, entitled ‘Haw-Haw Land’. This isn’t the first time that Lisa Simpson has been involved with a celebrity (voice), with previous episodes seeing her fall in love with characters voiced by Michael Cera, Joshua Jackson, Frankie Muniz, and Zach Galifianakis.

As executive producer Al Jean tells Entertainment Weekly: “He keeps alternating [between], ‘You’re not that great, but you could be fantastic,’ and she keeps falling for him because of his talent.” As Jean says, local school bully Nelson Muntz also gets in on the action, deciding to sing out of jealousy, as a way to win Lisa’s heart. “He sings ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ with new lyrics, and he kind of bullies those notes,” Jean says.

Sheeran is also set to be doing a bit of singing in the upcoming episode too, much to the disappointment of Lisa’s long-time admirer Milhouse. “When Lisa meets Brendan, Milhouse comes in and he goes, ‘I’ve brought three kinds of waters — cold, warm, and lukewarm,'” says Jean. “Lisa goes, ‘I’m not thirsty anymore,’ and Milhouse goes, ‘Dammit!’ That’s the effect he has on somebody else…. The girls love him but he’s difficult.”

Check out Entertainment Weekly’s wrap of this news below.