Tone Deaf’s favourite scribe Nui Te Koha of the Sunday Herald Sun has been banging on for weeks about a forthcoming announcement of a tour by Eminem, with whispers that it will be in stadia and we can expect a bit of a left field choice for the support act. The rumours are gathering pace with ticket website Ticketmaster now running mysterious teaser ads for an event that is only identified by the letter ‘E’.

Now assuming that the quality of Australia’s ecstasy supply hasn’t improved overnight or the sale of pills been legalised, and also making the safe assumption that The Shamen haven’t reformed to play their only hit ‘Ebenezer Goode’ with it’s oh so naughty chorus ‘Es a Good, Es are good’ we can only come to the conclusion that an announcement about an Eminem tour is imminent.

Eminem hasn’t been a frequent visitor to Australia, with his 2001 tour mired in controversy after Liberal politicians fell for the bait as promoters tried to whip up a scandal and made empty threats to deny him a visa. Lately, it appears that the visa is not the problem, rather it is Eminem’s payday, with promoters nervously eyeing off the reported $1 million per show he is demanding and wondering if they can turn a profit on it.