Hooley dooley. One of the biggest spats in Australian music appears to be over – for the time being at least. Luke Steele has revealed that he and song writing partner Nick Littlemore are now speaking again for the first time since they performed at the 2010 Brit Awards. Having a yarn to the NME while performing at a festival in Finland on the weekend, Steele has revealed that not only have the two kissed and made up, they’ve been in the studio together producing demos for a follow up to their 2008 debut Walking On A Dream.

Steele said “Breaking news around the world, me and Nick have reunited and we’ve done about 10 demos for the next record so the new era has begun.” He’s also revealed that part of the reason for their split was because Littlemore chose to work on the new album for his other band Pnau, as well as joining Cirque du Soleil in New York City as music director on the musical Zarkana.

He says “When the record came out Nick joined the circus literally and that project took a lot longer than he thought it would. That’s why he hasn’t been in the band.” He reckons that the two will be heading in to the studio to begin sessions for the new long player next month. “We have such a weird relationship because the day before we actually went into the studio was the first time we’d spoken since the Brit Awards last year. And it was great the sessions went really well and we’re hoping to go into the studio again in September.”