With guitar conference Summer NAMM ’17 having wrapped up, guitar manufacturers took the opportunity to unveil some new models, with plenty of fancy axes on offer.

One that stood out for slightly less-fancy reasons, however, is Epiphone’s new Les Paul SL, because it’s the cheapest Les Paul model ever released by the brand, coming in at $100 USD, or ~$130 in Aussie money.

Epiphone are known for making a range of Gibson clones, with prices and quality levels ranging from more serious axes in the thousands, down to your more basic units like this one.

The new SL boasts dual ceramic open coil humbuckers, a maple neck with a poplar body, and six colours specific to the model to suit its ’60s profile.

Set for release in September, we’re not sure what the price will be when it hits Australia, but it should nicely undercut the single-pickup Les Paul Junior models that already sell here for easily under $200 – definitely not a bad option for a beginner guitar.

You can check out Epiphone’s full list of new models here.