Annie Lennox’s height of popularity may have been during the ’80s and ’90s thanks to her time with Eurythmics, and due to her highly successful solo career, but the Scottish singer has recently shared an image which may indicate that some music fans might not recognise her name like they used to.

Taking to Facebook this week, Lennox shared an image of a message she received from a Los Angeles-based radio station, asking her to submit her music for consideration. “I came across your music on line [sic] and really like what I heard,” the message began. “If you’d like, please send over the MP3 for your latest single. I’ll forward it to Glenn our program director here at [redacted] to see if he’s interested in putting it into rotation.”

Captioning the image with a sly “I think I’m in with a chance??!!!”, Lennox appeared to be enjoying the confusion. The message also went on to ask “what sort of support campaign do you have going on for your single,” and even offered the services of an artist development firm that they are in contact with.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Lennox’s name aloneĀ should carry a significant amount of cachet, after all, her career has lasted since 1979 and has resulted in eight Brit awards, four Grammys, three MTV Music Awards, and an Academy Award.

While we’d like to believe that there’s a strong chance that the email was merely a case of mistaken identity, there’s a strong chance the sender of the email might also be completely oblivious to the long and storied career that Lennox has had. In which case, hopefully this publicity will inspire them to look up a couple of old Eurythmics records.