Weird collaborations seem to be popping up almost as quickly as Australian festivals are falling over these days, which is an alarming rate. The latest from a long list of alumni is the partnership between rock icons The Doors and dubstep king Skrillex who seems to have the music industry eating out of his hands.

That’s right, The Doors. Just when you thought it was safe to put that Jim Morrison picture back on the wall after the sonic assault that was ‘discovered’ track ‘She Smells So Nice’, they’ve teamed up with the DJ wundakid to release an uncomfortable crossover track.

Although not as uncomfortable as the music video for the song, there’s something about old men trying to be ‘hip’ and relive their youth that is just cringe worthy. Kind of like the video that accompanied The Beach Boys reunion announcement which we’ve only just recovered from.

Regardless, it doesn’t appear that The Doors have much to do in the track apart from play a few bongos and sing the same lines over and over whilst Skrillex brings his signature style of dubstep that pretty much drowns out their best efforts.

The video also has an amusing voiceover from the DJ where he talks about his creative process admitting “I make all my records in hotel rooms, pretty much. Just wherever I can. I’ve made records in car rides, if we have like a long trip to a show. All I need is my laptop and my headphones. That’s all you really need I think for what I do.”

You can listen to the track and check out the video below. Let us know in the comments what you think of this collaboration. Also, don’t forget to check out our slideshow of the weirdest collaborations in music.