The latest release from local four piece The Pretty Littles, “Fairweather” sees the band further exploring that sleazy, scuzzy blues-rock sound that they obviously have an affinity and love for. However, at the same time, it also illustrates the band exploring different musical terrain and displays an increasing sense of maturity towards music.

Opening with the slow burning and raucous “Minge”, the EP over the course of five tracks, shows a band comfortable in their own skin musically. In the form of Big Scary main man Tom Iansek, they have found an ideal producer who really has demonstrated how to get the best out this very good band.

“Tread Careful” sees The Pretty Littles explore a more pop sound and marrying it with their usual sound. The result is a joyously stomping and rowdy track, that makes your head nod almost subconsciously.

The other standout track on this release is “Two Cents”, which sees the band’s lead singer Jack Parsons really stretching his vocal range and style to a really effective result. This song hints at a band comfortably exploring new ground and willing to go beyond their comfort zone.

An accomplished effort from The Pretty Littles on this release.

– Neil Evans