Handwritten lyrics to one of the most famous Beatles songs ever are up for auction, with the draft lyrics and sketch by John Lennon for ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ expected to fetch in excess of $200,000. The auction is set to take place next month at Profile In History, an auction house in Beverley Hills, California.

The sheet of paper contains the opening lyrics for the song, as well as a roughly drawn sketch of four people in a room with windows draped in curtains. When the song was released on the band’s 1967 magnum opus Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, many people thought that the acronym of the title was a blatant reference to LSD, not to mention the psychedelic lyrical content.

However, Lennon always maintained that the song came about when his then five year old son Julian gave him a drawing which he said was of his schoolmate Lucy, ‘in the sky with diamonds.’ Years later, Lennon Jr’s classmate Lucy Vodden (neé O’Donnell) confirmed that he had drawn a picture of her.