Metal, punk and hardcore fans are a pretty passionate lot, so when the news came through yesterday that the Soundwave Revolution Festival had been cancelled, many of them didn’t take it very well. The Soundwave Festival forums and Facebook fan pages lit up with howls of protests and anger from fans who had bought tickets and planned to attend for months.

A Facebook page entitled ‘Fuck You Soundwave Revolution’ had almost 3,000 fans as of lunchtime today, with thousands of comments – mostly in an aborted form of English – listing a litany of complaints over the cancellation.

Many questioned why the event taking place rested on the availability of a yet unannounced band, while others screamed blue murder because although they’d get their tickets refunded; they had already forked out hundreds if not thousands on airfares and accommodation.

Some questioned why the festival couldn’t go ahead as announced, wondering if it was not just the cancellation of Van Halen but a lack of ticket sales that had prompted the cancellation.

The news that although Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne would get some ‘mini-festivals’ and headline shows by many of the announced bands did little to appease those in Adelaide and Perth, who joined in the chorus of ‘Adelaide and Perth always miss out’.

A number of vengeful fans have attacked promoter AJ Maddah, setting up Facebook fan pages and groups threatening to ‘mentally torture AJ Maddah’ calling for ‘Soundwave Revolution fans for the demise of AJ Maddah’s career,’ and naming him ‘AJ Maddah, biggest douche this planet will ever see.’

Check out the fans’ displeasure here