We know you lot pretty well and you all turn up to visit your families on Christmas Day hung over, stinking of booze, coming down off whatever and unable to eat any turkey or ham; and deaf as your granny from a big dose of rock n’ roll the night before. So why change anything? Get in to the rock n’ roll Christmas spirit and have a few drinks with drunk Santa as he stops off at Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane to take in some of Melbourne’s finest rock n’ roll.

Headlined by the rock n’ roll sleigh ride of Fangs, July Days are going to be kicking some December Christmas pop rock arse. Joined by the Christmas rock n’ roll crackers of The Sophisticants and Viking Frontier this is the last Deaf Sessions of the year and we expect you to be shattered Christmas Day. With headline band on at 11pm, make sure you get down early to get in.