Neither The Flaming Lips nor Mac DeMarco are ones to stick to convention, so it’s not all that surprising to hear that they’ll be joining forces for a brand new split EP, which will see them covering each other’s songs.

Flaming Lips head honcho Wayne Coyne took to Instagram overnight to announce the project, showing off a little keyboard as he gets stuck in to Mac DeMarco’s ‘Chamber of Reflection’, a favourite off his 2014 record Salad Days.

Wayne Coyne is all about hitching his wagon to the psych-infused indie darlings of the day, it seems, having unveiled a weird mashup of Tame Impala’s ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’ and A$AP Rocky’s ‘Electric Body’ he made on a whim last year.

No word on any of the other tracks that’ll be covered on the new record, but if we don’t get to hear Mac DeMarco belting out ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’, the whole thing will have been a complete waste of time, surely.

The Flaming Lips of course released their latest album proper, Oczy Mlody, at the start of the year, while Mac DeMarco followed with This Old Dog in May, and has only now released an odd VR/360 video clip for its title track, which has us feeling just a little bit uncomfortable.

Nowhere near as uncomfortable, however, as The Flaming Lips’ weird piece of merch they released earlier this year, the ‘Everyone You Know, Someday, Will Die: Soap And Soap Dish’, which includes soap in the shape of a foetus – a stark commentary on the fleeting nature of existence.

Another thing that’s often fleeting is Wayne Coyne’s Instagram presence, with the singer having been banned repeatedly for his behaviour in the past, but thankfully he’s been able to hold onto this latest account long enough to announce this new record.

Until it’s released, you can check out Mac DeMarco’s new video clip below.

Mac DeMarco’s new VR clip for ‘This Old Dog’