Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold has hit out at internet relic Myspace, saying that he wished the social networking antique would delete his band’s page, saying it needed a ‘mercy kill’. In a string of Tweets, the silky voiced singer expressed his frustration with not being able to delete the page himself. He says “The myspace show thing is seriously f—ed. People add us to shows and we can’t delete it but shows up on our page. Your site does harm. Increasingly frustrated, he pleased “Can someone on the inside PLEASE mercy-kill our Myspace page. We aren’t opening for Take That. Jesus.”

He told an interviewer who asked him about his stance; “It’s just so frustrating that they won’t delete our page. It’s been months and it’s just sad because I used to use MySpace to check out bands all the time and now it’s completely useless.” Pecknold attributes the site’s demise, which has seen it become an internet graveyard for bands who have jumped ship to Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Myspace, to its lack of innovation. He reflects: “It’s sad that they ended up totally s—-ing the bed. But nothing can be done at this point. It just stayed the same and as older people got more used to using the Internet, MySpace had nothing to offer them. Everyone’s mom has a Facebook page but my mom never had a MySpace page. It’s like they didn’t account for the changing demographics of the Internet.”