Fleet Foxes singer Robyn Pecknold has come out again in support of illegal downloading of music, saying that music has ‘no inherent value’. Pecknold, who has previously publicly supported file sharing, told an interviewer that “How much money does one person need before it’s just a number and I can buy whatever I want – and just be like a big baby?”

Previously, Pecknold had told the BBC that “As much music as musicians can hear, that will only make music richer as an artform. I think we’re seeing that now with tons of new bands that are amazing, and are doing way better music now than was being made pre-Napster.” The 25 year old also said that file sharing exposed a world of music to him as he grew up as a teenager.

“That was how I discovered almost everything when I was a teenager – my dad brought home a modem,” he said. That was how I was exposed to almost all of the music that I love to this day, and still that’s the easiest way to find really obscure stuff. I’ve discovered so much music through that medium. That will be true of any artist my age, absolutely.”

As the band gear up to release Helplessness Blues, the follow up to their self titles debut, he also revealed that the album was inspired by nicotine patches that he wore during the recording sessions.