Do you like your men big and hairy? Have you got a bit of what is known to some as a ‘bear fetish’? Well now you can enjoy a rock n’ roll bear fetish with the Foo Fighters new video which has more homoerotic imagery than a Village People or Kylie Minogue performance.

In their new video  for ‘Hot Buns’, fans are faced with a steamy group shower scene — at *ahem* a  truck stop, of all places while perhaps most concerning is the soapy arse shots that come pretty close to a full moon on more than one occasion.

Now, are you wondering if the video is for a secret track on their new album Wasting Light? Well you won’t find it there. The video has been made to promote the Foo Fighters’ American tour this Spring, although no word as to whether promoters Frontier Touring will be plugging the Foos Aussie tour in December with this bunch of bums.

A word of warning, if your employers are bits of tight arses, you may not want to watch this one at work, lest they cop an unexpected brown eye.