We write on a lot of music here at Tone Deaf, but it’s also nice to hear what the band themselves think of some of these tracks we cover, and in that spirit we’ve got a couple of outsourced review for you today from Sydney garage outfit Food Court and Canadian rockers The Dirty Nil.

The bands have teamed up for a special 7″ record that’s being launched tonight at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney, and have each contributed a track to the effort, so we thought we’d ask them each what they thought of their own inter-continental collab – and see who’s more complimentary.

The Dirty Nil are currently touring Australia with labelmates Alexisonfire, and have released an Australia-only version of their record Higher Power to mark the occasion. Two dates are remaining on that tour, but you can also catch them playing the official tour after party at Brissy’s Brightside this Saturday, as well as tonight’s launch.

The Dirty Nil – ‘Friends In The Sky’

by Food Court

Do The Dirty Nil have friends in the sky? I hope so. We do too. We could even be The Dirty Nil’s friends in the sky as we haven’t meant them yet – we’re from Sydney, they’re from Ontario, Canada – and now we’re on a split 7″ with them, and that is just delightful. And we’ll be meeting them on Wednesday, which is cool. And then we’ll probably be pen pals and kinda be like their friends in the sky, aye.

But seriously now, this is power pop banger. Wailing, shredding guitars, with lashings of maple syrupy punk – and loving Luke’s angsty as fuck vocals. Did we say banger already? Yep. We like these dudes, aye.

Food Court – ‘Slightest Brightest’

by The Dirty Nil

Verses swing like a fast and loose version of Band of Horses, out come the fangs in the pre chorus. Cool melodies and an unexpected lift into the chorus – bonus points for white noise sweeps in the bridge.

Well done gentlemen, looking forward to hearing it in person.