Having caught us a little off-guard with his first move into the hop hop scene last year, ex-triple j presenter and one half of former breakfast duo Matt & Alex has returned to have another crack at forging a career as a rapper.

Back with his slow-burning hip hop project Boilermakers, a collab with Paul ‘Dinnertime’ Duke, he’s just released a new track names ‘Jesus Age’. Hosted of course on triple j Unearthed, it’s clearly influenced by the prevailing international sound right now, dripping with warped vox.

It’s already received some positive reviews from his former workmates, too, with triple j boss Richard Kingsmill and presenter Bridget Hustwaite both weighing in. The latter was a little more effusive with her praise, while Kingsmill sat on the fence with a quick gag – but maybe we’ll see Boilermakers score full rotation next week, who knows?

“I’ve always held back a bit because of the ‘comedy’ thing,” Matt told Pedestrian when he first emerged as a ‘serious’ rapper last year, as opposed to the comedy stylings of his work with Matt & Alex. “People aren’t gonna expect much, and I’m cool with that because this is the first time I’ve taken it seriously too.”

“It’s the first building block towards building an EP,” he added, and it appears we’ve just heard the next.