Scottish band Franz Ferdinand, one of the iconic bands that rode the revival of rock n roll in the mid-2000s, has announced they’ll be returning to the spotlight in 2012 and may begin work on a new album.

In an interview with the Daily Record, guitarist Nick McCarthy revealed “We’re thinking of doing something again after a bit of a sabbatical,” he said. “We’d toured to excess and needed to enjoy playing again. It is going really well.”

The band haven’t played for almost 2 years, with one of their last appearances being here in Australia for the 2010 Future Music Festival. According the McCarthy the band felt pressured to constantly produce new music resulting in a burn out that has seen each of the members pursue their own project.

However after after the long break it seems the members are eager to return to writing. McCarthy told the paper “It is a bit daft. We used to think, what’s wrong with recording an album a year? Then it was, oh no. We’re changing the system a bit. These days people write an album for a year and tour for two years. It takes forever.”

Franz Ferdinand seminal single ‘Take Me Out’ remains one of the defining indie tracks of recent years and continues to fill dance floors around the world. We can’t wait to see what the boys will come up with next.