Did you miss out on the almost impossible to get Radiohead Record Store Day releases? Not to worry – most of us did too. Hence, the band have made their Record Store Day tracks ‘Supercollider’ and ‘The Butcher’ available free to fans. Showing what canny marketing men they are, however, you have to had downloaded their recent King of Limbs album release to be able to get them.

In an email to fans the band said “This is not part of a new loyalty points scheme, a Radiohead  clubcard or even an air miles redeemable reward type thing… It is just a big old-fashioned thank you!” Thank you or not, fans will have to head over to their official album site www.thekingoflimbs.com to sign up for their mailing list and then download the tracks for free.

After which, fans in 35 years time or so will be sitting in their jet propelled wheelchairs in nursing , being bugged every week by the band’s mailing list to buy the 50th anniversary re-issue of Paranoid Android.