Smashing Pumpkins have released a brand new song as a free download as of midnight New York time tonight (December 8, 2009).

The all-new Billy Corgan Smashing Pumpkins song is called `A Song For A Son` and Corgan has made it available as a free download.

The new Smashing Pumpkins record will be a massive 44-song creation broken up over 3 years called  ‘Teargarden By Kaleidyscope’.

The Pumpkins issued a statement stating that Billy and his band will tour ‘Teargarden By Kalidyscope’ through 2010, maybe Australia if we are lucky enough….

In a statement from Mr Corgan himself:

“The version of the song from the 20th anniversary tour was pretty basic, and I felt at the time that we didn’t really find the heart of the song,” Corgan says. “However, the song was connecting to the audience emotionally so I knew something exciting was in there to be discovered. The recorded version is produced more like a movie, where it takes you to different places, from intimate to psychedelic to whimsical.”

Download Below:

Or if you are not such a fan of the new stuff watch The Smashing Pumpkins back in the day pump out 1979