As part of our commitment to roll out constant improvements across Tone Deaf, Blogs have now been made live. But what are blogs? And why should you care?

After talking to people who have used the site we realized something was missing. Sure, you could find out what festivals or tours were on, or you could read about the latest music news, but how about a bit of opinion from the inside?

What did people in the industry make of this news? Or what bands did they think we’re on the up and coming? It’s one thing to have journalists with a licence to inject a bit of opinion, most popular sites have that, but what about the actual stakeholders? What if we could get them to write regularly on their experiences?

I have to admit I got all tingly thinking about it. So we immediately went out to find a group of people we think are representative of the music industry who’d be interested in writing on a regular basis. They’re a great group and we’re really looking forward to introducing them to you all over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, 24/7 blogs (syndicated content from the worlds leading music websites) has been moved into the new blog section. That just makes sense. So has the Staff Blog you are reading right now.

Thanks for your continued feedback and for helping to improve this site. There’s still plenty more we’re working on and I can’t wait to share it all with you.