Glasvegas, currently struggling with the mantle of being one of the UK’s biggest bands, managed to find some time to drop in to Erinsborough to visit the cast of Neighbours while they were in Melbourne last week. Bass player Paul McDonoghue told Scotland’s Daily Record that their trip out to Melbourne’s outer suburbs was the highlight of their career. He said:

We all watched the show when we were younger so we were transported back in time to memories of Scott and Charlene and eating dinner while Harold Bishop miraculously came back from the dead. Jesus did too, but Harold came back playing the tuba so I think he wins hands down.

We got photos taken outside the Bishops’ house then headed to the studio. We were taken to see a scene being filmed at Lassiters (the Rockerfeller Centre of Erinsborough) then inside to see the sets. The house sets are lined up next to one another so we got to see the Kennedys’ living room, Harold’s Store, Toadie’s house and Paul Robinson’s living room, which isn’t quite as accesible as you would think for a guy with one leg.

The highlight of the tour was meeting Tom Oliver, aka Lou Carpenter. I wanted to prod him on his cheek to make sure he was real. He was really funny, and him and James seemed to hit it off after an initial accent adjustment by both.

We’ve recorded in New York, Los Angeles and Transylvania, seen the Eiffel Tower and the Vatican, played amazing venues in cities all over the world, but our highlight so far was our trip to the set of Neighbours!