On Friday the 13th, the ghosts will be out to play. Poltergeists will be running rampant, wishing vengeance and bad luck upon past lovers, and casting all those who have wronged them into the shadowy abyss. If there’s one group that will be safe, it will be Melbourne’s very own Guests of Ghosts, though.

This band of phantom’s companions will be bringing their enigmatic brand of melodic pop rock to Australia’s greatest rock n’ roll domicile, Cherry Bar. For all of you who want to stay lucky on this most unholy of days, this could be your ticket. Supporting this cosmic event will be Sid Air and Villain’s Lair, so head on down to Cherry at 8pm, where the earth’s axis will remain stagnant for one night, to bring you nothing but good fortune and four leaf clovers and… you know… ghostbusters… or something. Who knows, you may even get lucky.