Guns n’ Roses’ founding bass player Duff McKagan, who played on the band’s original EP, Appetite For Destruction and Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 is under no illusions about how fortunate he is in life – he’s simply lucky to be alive. As he hits the promotional trail for his autobiography which is set for release in early October, he says “It’s very possible none of this should’ve been here. And every morning I sort of wake up and go, ‘Oh yeah, it’s all good. I’m happy to be here.'”

He’s referring to the fact that despite the fact that he quit Guns n’ Roses an alcoholic and drug addict in 1993, and his pancreas literally exploded inside him the following year due to his alcohol abuse, he’s now a successful businessman, husband and father and uses his spare time to front his own band.

His new book, entitled It’s So Easy…And Other Lies sees his revealing that his darkest moment was when his elderly mother who was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease came to see him in hospital.  “I ended up in the hospital. That’s when there was a profound [moment]. Seeing my mom come in there, I’m the youngest of eight kids and there’s our mom with Parkinson’s, fine,” he reveals. “It’s like, ‘OK, the order of things is f—ing wrong. You let your mom down, you let a lot of people down.'”