Gunners have been tearing it up across Australia recently, jamming with Aussie icon Angus Young, but they’re not keeping restricting their collaborative spirit to just the legends.

Footage has been released of the band’s current drummer Frank Ferrer getting stuck into a damn fine gospel groove with some local musos at The Bearded Lady as part of a new residency called CHURCH, which is encouraging musicians to come down and jam just as Frank did.

Apparently it all came about due to a chance encounter Frank had with organiser Ofa Fanaika (Chocolate Strings, Captain Dreamboat) who found herself chatting with him as they both watched resident band 4101 playing onstage.

Not recognising him (he isn’t exactly in a top hat or bandana, let’s be honest), the pair were chatting away and eventually he was convinced to take the stage.

“I asked him what the name of his band was called,” Ofa says, “and he said a rock band called ‘The Gunners’ and asked if I’d heard of em. I said nah…but that doesn’t mean much – I’m a bit out of the loop with these kinds of things. Always heaps of rad stuff happening in the neighbourhood, so I get a bit sheltered here.”

Being sheltered is one thing, but not recognising the Gunners? Anyway, she asked him on stage for a jam, and although he responded with an understandable “Yeah sure, but I’m pretty wrecked”, he ended up on stage for the jam you see below.

While not quite his chosen genre, he plays along very nicely indeed, and Ofa jumps up for a bit of a sing, all captured by Thea Schroder of Silent Haitch.

“I was definitely feeling it,” Ofa says, “so I improvised a bunch of lyrics and got deep into it. Was an experience to remember.”

Definitely a nice memory for some local talent, and a reminder that you never quite know who you’re talking to. If you want to join in on the jam session fun, CHURCH goes down at Brissy’s West End venue The Bearded Lady every Sunday from 3pm – and it’s free.