Here’s a warning to anyone who thinks it’s safe to just clamber up onstage with a rock band whenever you please, as a woman has received head injuries after toppling from the stage at Guns N’ Roses’ recent concert in Tel Aviv.

“The woman, in her late 20s, appeared to be drunk when she tried to climb up the side of the stage during the performance,” the Times of Israel reported. “She then fell off and injured her head.

“Medics at the show gave her first aid and she was transferred to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital while unconscious and on a respirator. However, medics said her injuries were not life-threatening.”

While not life-threatening, apparently, being left on a respirator is a seriously frightening situation, and from the sounds of it plenty of others were getting a bit loose as well, with a total of 55 people requiring medical treatment.

Considering that even Axl Rose broke his own foot onstage last year when the band reunited, and had to sit on a chair for much of the year as a result, you’d think fans would be well aware of the dangers posed by a Gunners stage by now.