Tone Deaf are well known as rock n’ roll vampires of the night and we’re busting open the coffin and feasting on the blood of virgins as we become Tone Dead for one night only and host the freakiest Halloween party in town. Rattling chains on stage we’ve got The Dirty Secrets headlining, launching their new single and making all them skeleton bones jive with a set of jumping electro synth freakouts. Taking just a jump to the left, as well as a turn to the right, City Calm Down are going to be having you all time warping as Cosmo Black, Strange Talk and Fuzz Phantoms kick off a night of the undead rising to put a little bit of rock n’ roll horror show in your lives.

As always we’ve got $10 jugs before 10pm and the Tone Deaf DJ crew on the decks till the wee hours. The naughty Tone Deaf DJs are going to be pulling out all stops with a super spooky set playing everything from The Horrors to The Cramps, The Dead Kennedys to The Grateful Dead, White Zombie to the Sisters of Mercy and every tricky treat track you can think of.

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