A festival cancellation couldn’t prevent Courtney Love from going down under to terrorise Qantas air hosties again!

Love, who was arrested on a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne for swearing at a flight attendant while playing the Big Day Out in January 1995, had been asked by the air hostie to remove her feet from a bulkhead where she had placed them during the two hour flight to Melbourne. Love was given a month’s probation as a result of the incident.

Soundwave Festival organisers might be looking to put her on Virgin flights instead this time, as they’ve confirmed that she will be bringing Hole version 2.12 of whatever it is these days down under to play. They’ll no doubt be playing some of the tunes off Nobody’s Daughter, last year’s album that met with mixed critical response.

The band’s current line up is Love on vocals and rhythm guitar, Micko Larkin on lead guitar, Shawn Dailey on bass and Stu Fisher on drums. Long term guitarist Eric Erlandson had a bitter falling out with Hole prior to the band’s reformation in 2009, claiming that the band wasn’t hole without his presence in it.