Howling Bells have announced unofficially that the album they’ve been working on for the last two years is on track for release this September. The band have been quiet while they caught up with family and friends in Australia and worked on what will be their third long player, but this is set to change once they get on the publicity trail for the new record.

Produced by The Killers’ bass player Mark Stoermer, the bulk of the sessions were completed in Las Vegas, with front woman Juanita Stein confident that the recordings are some of the band’s best ever work. She describer’s Stoermer’s involvement as that of having another member of the band. “It was just brilliant, it just totally felt like we had another guy in the band,” she says.”Because he understood our music and he’s in one of the biggest bands in the world and had a really interesting perspective, of that nice balance of will the fans listen to it and what’s going make people pay attention.”

Stein has also discussed the band and Stoermer bonding over shared taste in music and film, as well as the effect of the Nevada desert on her band’s song writing and recording. “There’s something very innately atmospheric about the band and something about other worlds and atmospheres and I think that being in the desert and the landscape is so foreign to us, it was very inspiring,” she reckons. “You hear that in the record. It’s a bit more wide open spaces, a bit more psychedelic. Physically and emotionally, it felt like there was a lot more room to breathe. Everyone was jamming and kind of pushing it a little bit further than we normally would as we literally felt we had the space.

Mark and us have exactly the same music tastes and we were inspired by the same films and books, and when you put a whole bunch of people like that into the same room, you come out with something special.”