Die Antwoord – the South African three piece rap-rave crew everyone seems to be talking about – have released their new single ‘I Fink U Freeky’. Taken from their up-coming album ‘Tension’ their latest single has already proved popular on the internet, showing that the semi-controversial group have a steady – and increasing – fan base.


The group rose to notoriety in 2010 when their single ‘Enter The Nina’ went viral, and while their new single is far more dance-orientated than their original releases, the group have managed to stay relatively true to their sound.

After playing a slew of music festivals including 2011’s Big Day Out, the group have demonstrated that despite predictions that they were a one-hit Internet wonder, they can in fact produce music people want to listen to.

Even if it isn’t quite your everyday jam, Die Antwoord are reppin’ the Southern Hemisphere’s rave music unlike anyone else right now. That, and they have an incredibly hot she-rapper in the band who known to get her kit off on stage. Definitely worth a listen.