Last week it was announced that INXS had fired (Tone Deaf Ed: not renewed his contract, like there is a difference) JD Fortune, the singer they had found on their reality TV search for a front man to replace iconic Michael Hutchence who died in rather unusual circumstances back in 1997.

Since then INXS have been causing quite the stir, perhaps in unexpected places, with the release to media of new track Tiny Summer a few weeks ago with an unnamed singer. The internet lit up with rumours about who the new lead singer could be and many looked immediately in the direction of U2 lead Bono.

Rabid U2 fans also got caught up in the excitement with many jumping on popular forum espousing their belief that no one could sing so hauntingly beautiful as their favourite Irish rocker. “God if thats not him then I’m mickey mouse…….I hope its him cause he sounds awesome….” said one member. “I don’t care if it’s him or not… it’s a stunningly beautiful and haunting song. He’d be mad not to claim it if it is him.” said another.

Alas, it turns out that Bono will not be joining the Australian band as front man, but rather singer/songwriter Ciaran Gribbin. Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, Gribbin is a Grammy nominee who has worked with a range of artists including Snow Patrol, Groove Armada, Paul McCartney, Madonna & Paul Oakenfold, for which he received a 2010 Grammy nomination as a co-writer of Madonna’s worldwide hit Celebration.

In addition and rather ironically, as a film composer, Gribbin wrote, recorded and produced all the original music for the acclaimed international film Killing Bono, which is the story of a band that missed their chance of becoming U2.

INXS has confirmed they are continuing to write and record a slate of new songs with Gribbin for a future new studio album release. In addition, INXS and new singer Gribbin will be performing their classic hits along with the new collaboration live for the first time together during a run of upcoming shows around the world, including Australia, during November and December.

We’ll let you know as soon as local dates are announced.